Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year already?

I promised last year that would try to take a picture a day and while I started strong, I ended up with my last post in November 2009. What happened? I figured it is like how millions of Americans promise they would diet and lose weight right after New Year's. And how the gyms are packed to capacity and there is a waiting list just to run on the treadmill. Well, we all start off strong with great hopes to finish the end of the year with the same enthusiasm but tend to falter a little. I won't say 'fail' because that is a little harsh, and I know we all try. Like I tell my kids, it doesn't matter if you win, you just have to try your hardest. So this year, I will try my hardest and instead of a strict goal of trying to post a picture everyday, I'll say once a month.

Hopefully that is more realistic. At least have 21 more days to post a picture for this month.